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Buy Driver License online and circulate free from police control. Driving is one of the most valuable and Essential skills for everyone worldwide, Driving practically involves every activity, having to get to work, drop the kids off at school, going to church, family picnics and just to name a few. If you want to perform your daily task comfortably you will notice it involves you driving or paying for transportation which entails someone doing the driving.

Lockdown restrictions have finally been eased, and normal circulation is back on again with everyone needing to be mobile to meet up their schedules comfortably and families heading off for a weekend at the beach etc. Over the lock down period a couple of driver’s license got expired, and since there was no movements exams and practicals were not taken so everyone is getting back on with the need return to a functional society so the need buy driver license online.

Regardless of whether you are first learning to drive or having to retake your exams, driving tests can cost quite a bit of money and over all cost you a lot of time. A recent ranking has compared the cost of taking both the theory and practical driving tests in 25 different countries around the world. Germany for example comes in as the sixth most expensive country for the combined cost of both tests.

Did you lose or is your drivers license expired? You can now buy driver license online if you do not want to take the driving test for what ever reasons you might have with time being the most reported reason or maybe you are a tourist somewhere and trying to ease circulation by driving instead of hopping from one bus station or train station to another and just in need to buy fake driver license for temporal us

Buy Driver License Online in Germany

Persons who have recently arrived in Germany can continue to use their foreign driver’s license for anything up to 10 years, depending on where it was issued.

Like most bureaucratic procedures in Germany, the process of issuing or exchanging a driver’s license can vary greatly between federal states (Länder). Despite the fact that drivers license laws are set nationally, states tend to apply the law differently on a local level. If in doubt, it is best to always check with your local driver’s license authority for example (Führerscheinstelle – usually housed within your local citizens’ office) to see how things operate in your federal state as we are often faced with the question you can buy drivers license online. 

German Drivers license for sale ?

Yes, everyone with a valid domestic drivers license for sale from their home country, with the indicated category of vehicle on the license are allowed buy driver license and driver in Germany with few requirements minimum 18 years old. Below 18years  you are not allowed to drive even if with a valid license issue from your country of origin. EU & EAA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) national can drive in Germany using their foreign driver’s license without any restrictions. 

Foreign countries outside the EU & EAA visiting Germany and do not intent to stay more than a year will require an international driving license issued from home country or an official German translated copy with your home country driving license more reason we we get people frequently  asking to buy driver license online. 

Note: For exception and additional requirement consult your local state authorities or ADAC.


There are various possibilities to buy driver license. You can simply exchange your domestic license to a German drivers license, in other cases it might be mandatory to complete the theory or practical or both based upon the country of origin. Exchange of Domestic license is limited to 3 years period of establishing the residence in Germany, beyond this period would buy Driver’s license online starting from scratch. 

Exceptions to long-term validity of EU / EEA driver’s license

The long-term validity of EU driving license does not apply to the following categories:

Category A1 (Motorcycles)

Up until their 18th birthday, holders of a category A1 driving license may only ride light motorcycles (engine size up to 125cc) with a maximum speed of 80kmph.

Category C1 and C1E (Large goods vehicles)

C1 and C1E driving licenses are only valid until the holder’s 50th birthday. To exchange this license for a German one, you will also need to submit certificates attesting to your state of health and eyesight.

Category C, CE, D, DE, D1 and D1E (Large goods vehicles & buses)

These categories of driving license are only valid for five years after the date of issue, even if they were issued for a longer period in your home country. As above, if you wish to make an exchange, you will need to submit certificates attesting to your good health and eyesight.

Non-EU / EEA Drivers License

If you buy driver license and its issued by a country outside the EU / EEA, you can continue using it in Germany for up to six months after you register.

If you are staying for longer than six months, but less than 12, it may be possible to have the validity of your driving license extended to cover your entire stay in Germany. Your local driving licensing office will be able to help you with this.

You may also need to get your foreign drivers license translated. If it was not issued in the EU, Andorra, Hong Kong, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland or Senegal you will need to obtain a translation to carry with it. Automobile club ADAC offer this service for between 45 and 80 euros.

After six months, you must Führerschein kaufen from your local driving licensing office. Depending on where it was issued, it may be possible to directly exchange it. Often, however, you will have to pass a theoretical and / or practical driving exam first (see below).

Driving foreign cars

If you bring a foreign car into Germany, you can continue driving with your foreign licence plates for up to 12 months. After that, you will need to register your car to get German licence plates. You may need to have your car modified to pass the vehicle safety inspection. You will also need to pay for car insurance and vehicle tax.  

Exchanging a foreign driver license in Germany

You will need to meet various conditions in order to exchange a foreign drivers license for a German one:

  • You are a registered resident of Germany with a valid residence permit (if applicable).
  • Your driver’s license was issued by an EU/EEA country, or a country with a special reciprocal driving licensing agreement with Germany (see below – if your country does not have an agreement with Germany, you will need to pass some driving tests first).
  • Your driver’s licence is valid at the time of application.
  • You were not a resident of Germany (defined as spending 185 out of 365 days in Germany) at the time you obtained the licence.
  • To buy driver license is not easy as one thinks. You need to invest time & money, as a beginner you may have to use 40 to 50 hours including theory & practical training, with a cost around 1300€ to 2000€ depending upon your skill & driving school. 

How to exchange a foreign driver’s license in Germany

To exchange your foreign driver’s license for a German one, you will need to apply at your local driving licensing office. It is a good idea to call ahead to make an appointment and check the exact requirements for exchanging, as this may vary according to your federal state.

Documents required to exchange a foreign driving licence

Usually, you will need to bring the following to the appointment:

  • Valid identification, such as a passport or identity card
  • Recent, biometric passport photo
  • Your original foreign driver’s licence (if it was issued outside of the EU / EEA, it needs to be valid at the time of the exchange)
  • Translation of the foreign driver’s licence (if applicable)
  • Proof of how long you have held the driver’s licence for (if this information is not given on the licence itself)
  • Your certificate of registration

Additional documentation required for driver’s licence categories A, A2, A1, AM, B, BE, L & T

  • Proof of completion of a first aid training course
  • Eye test certificate

Additional documentation required for driver’s licence categories C & D

  • Proof of completion of a first aid training course
  • Certificate attesting to visual faculty
  • Certificate attesting to physical health / fitness

Note that when you exchange your licence for a German one you will be required to surrender your foreign driver’s licence. It will be sent back to the authority that issued it.

If your application is successful, a new German licence will be produced for you. This is manufactured centrally at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin. As soon as it is ready for you to pick up you will be notified. It usually takes between two and four weeks.

How to Renew a German driver’s license

German driver’s license are valid for 15 years from the date of issue. To renew you just need to make an appointment at your local driving licence authority before your current licence expires. You will need to bring your licence and a recent passport photo. The new licence costs around 24 euros and should be ready within four weeks.  

How to Renew a foreign driver’s license in Germany

It is not possible to renew a foreign driving licence in Germany. If you are an expat with a foreign driving licence that is about to expire, you will need to apply for a German one.

Lost or stolen driving license

If your driving licence is lost or stolen you will need to provide some documents to the driving licensing authority to have it replaced. If you have lost it, you will need to write a statement explaining the circumstances of the loss and assuring that you will return the licence if you find it. If it was stolen you need to contact the German police to obtain a theft report.

If your licence was not issued by a German or EU licensing authority, the German authorities will need to contact the issuing authority in your home country to get your details. It may be possible to issue you with a replacement.  

To obtain a replacement licence you will need to apply in person to your local licensing authority. You must bring your written statement or theft report, a form of identification and a biometric passport photo. Your new licence will be ready for you to collect in around four weeks.

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