Fake Euro Banknotes For Sale

We produce Fake Euro banknotes same as the the common currency of the 19 euro area countries, produced with sophisticated printing technology. These Fake banknotes also have the same prominent security features and makes it very difficult to distinguish from genuine notes without the use of special equipment, and thus deter counterfeiters.

We produce Fake banknotes same as genuine banknotes which are recognized by means of the simple “feel, look and tilt” method promoted by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the central banks of the 19 Member States that use the currency.

However, the EUR 20 banknote remains the most popular denomination for counterfeiters, followed by the EUR 50. Together, they account for 83.3 % of the counterfeit notes detected.

The ECB is confident that the introduction of a new series of banknotes will hamper the activities of counterfeiters. (The new EUR 20 note went into circulation in late 2015, and the revised EUR 50 is due in April 2017.) The enhanced security features, especially the window, make these new notes among most sophisticated in the world.