About US

Moz Passport is an independent online document producer with the following offers: Buy registered and unregistered documents such as real and fake passports, Fake ID card maker, birth certificate, German drivers license, UK Work and residence permit, fake diplomas & IELTS certificates and other new life identity documents.

Passport printing is a high stakes job and only the most secure companies and facilities are up to the task. We input many security features on our passport, such as special holograms, fibers, tamper-proof materials, and electronic information, which makes it next to impossible to forge or counterfeit. Passport specifications are set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization, but each country can choose which security features to include in its passport.

Secure printing is not easy, but we’re one of the licensed passport services that handle the production of the world’s most secure travel documents, driving license, and ID cards.

Our list is a work in progress. If you have any additions or corrections for us, please don’t hesitate to let us know