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German Driving Licence

Can I drive in Germany?

Yes, everyone with a valid domestic driving license from their home country, with the indicated category of vehicle on the license are allowed to drive in Germany with few requirements Should be minimum 18 years old, below 18 are not allowed to drive even if with a valid license issue by your country of origin. EU & EAA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) national can drive in Germany using their foreign driver’s license without any restrictions. 

Foreign nations outside the EU & EAA visiting Germany and do not intent to stay more than a year will require an international driving issued from home country or an official German translated copy with your home country driving license.
Note: For exception and additional requirement consult your local state authorities or ADAC.

As mentioned in our previous topic – Can I drive in Germany, there are varies possibility to get a German driving license. Simply exchanging your domestic license to German one, in other cases it might be mandatory to complete the theory or practical or both based upon the country of origin. Exchange of Domestic license is limited to 3 years period of establishing the residence in Germany, beyond this period would end up in getting a normal German Driving license starting from scratch.

Getting a new German driving license is not easy as one thinks. You need to invest more time & money, as a beginner you may have use 40 to 50 hours including theory & practical training, with a cost around 1200€ to 1500€ depending upon your skill & driving school. 


Licence Catogory :

Driving Licence category – Federal Republic of Germany

EU and EEA State Licence

Driving license issued by a Member State of the European Union (EU) or a state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), it is valid until it expires, even after taking official resident in Germany. You can request for issue of German license for the same category before expiry of your domestic license. Still it is recommended to contact the local driving authorities as there are some general restriction to the category of vehicles & type of residence.

Fact sheet for holders of foreign driving licences from EU and EEA states on driving licence provisions in the Federal Republic of Germany

How to exchange your EU state license to Germany License:  

Once you know that you do not need any tests theory or practical, you can directly apply on your own without enrolling in a driving school. The below information are the generic guideline & might vary from city to city. If your German language skill is good, you can go the Bürgeramt (municipal office) and approach the Führerscheinstelle support desk, if not better to take a translator or a friend with German skill.

The following documents are required to enclose with your application form:

  • a passport or ID card
  • a current biometric passport photo
  • a valid foreign driving license in original, German translation (Certified Driver’s license) of the license may be required in some cases.
  • proof of the date of issuance of the foreign driving license. This is required only if the date issue is not in your foreign license.

The German card driving license is produced centrally by the Federal press in Berlin. You will be intimated as soon it is available at the Rathaus or Führerscheinstelle for collection. You must hand over your foreign driving license when you receive the German card driving license. The processing time takes about two to three weeks.

Probation Period

If you do not have two years of driving license, the German driving license will be given to you. The probationary period is two years. The duration of your EU or EEA driving license is calculated

Non- EU citizens

If you take up normal residence in Germany, you will need a German driving license after no later than six months, unless the driver licensing authority has made an exception and extended the validity period. Exchanging your domestic license vary according the country of origin & check if you need to take both a written exam and a practical road test, only one of these exams, or none.

Fact sheet for holders of foreign driving licences outisde EU and EEA states -Annex 11 of the Regulations for the Licensing of Drivers

How to exchange your domestic licenses out of non EU regions:

If a practical test is required, you must enroll in a driving school that prepares you for the driving license test. It is not mandatory to complete any legally prescribed special driving hours (minimum number of practical driving hours). The registration in a driving school is also recommended for the theoretical examination, but no compulsory theoretical class room lessons are required, you can directly appear to theoretical exam on your own preparation.

If a practical examination is required, Führerscheinstelle Support Desk will issue the test order upon receipt of the card driving license and your driving school will be notified by the officially authorized agencies (most cases TüV). The German card driving license is produced centrally by the Federal press in Berlin, the processing time takes about two to three weeks.

After successful theory exam, your driving school can tregister you for examination & take you for a practical exam. After successful practical examination, you can pick up your card driving license at the driving license at the Rathaus or Führerscheinstelle where you submitted your application.

Probation Period

The probation period of your newly issued German license will be for a period up to 2 years. If your foreign driving license is less than two years, the German driving license will have the probationary period for the remaining period up to two years.

E.g.: If your foreign license was issued in Jan 2016, you exchange to German licence on March 2017, your German licence will have a probation period of 9 months.


How to apply for a German Driving License completely from Scratch.

If you have decided to stay in Germany for longer period & do not have any driving license from your home country, it is recommended to a fresh German license to explore more places in Germany. It makes your life more easy & comfortable to travel in & around Germany. The steps are simple but take bit time & money.

Driving School: 

The primary step would be to get registered in official certified driving school (Fahrschule), the school would normally guide to go through the complete process. If your German skill is poor, it is recommended to look for school with an instructor who can speak in English.

Eye/Vision test:

Take a vision test with an officially recognized visual inspection center. Most of the cases the optical shops do have the facility to check & certify, this certificate is valid for 2 years. Note for vehicle class more than 3.5 tonnes, a certificate from an ophthalmologist is required.

First aid training:

The first aid course includes 9 lessons per 45 minutes and applies to all driving licenses. Courses are held, among others, by the German Red Cross, the Malteser Hilfsdienst, the Johanniter Unfallhilfe or the Arbeiter Samariterbund.

Medical certificate of suitability:

This certificate is required only for classes C and C1. You can have the examination performed by a doctor of your choice. The certificate of medical examination older than a year is not valid.

Biometric photo:

Take biometric passport photo according the regulation. In general the photo studio team is aware of the regulation, still let them know before you take one.

Submission of Application:

Once you have all above complete, submit the application for a new driving license at the Municipal office (Rathaus or Führerscheinstelle ) with below documents, the registration cost should be between 42€ to 45€ can vary on the vehicle class & city.

  • a passport or ID card
  • a current biometric passport
  • proof that you have taken a first-aid class
  • proof that you have passed a medical vision test
  • copy of Registration/ contract with the driving school 

Theory class & test:

After you complete all the above administration work, the learning process starts with the theory. The theory test cover questioner such as rules of the road and traffic signs, can be taken in a number of languages, including English.  The test is multiple choice, but it is not necessarily only one correct answer to each question, some or all of the answers may be correct as well.

The driving school offers theory course at their premises with a small group. Timings are usually flexible & courses are scheduled round the week.  It is mandatory for the beginners or new license to attend to Class room course. It consist of 14 theory class covering 12 topics, 13 & 14 depends upon the vehicle category.

For more info see-

Theory Topics Overview:

1: Personal requirements

2: Human risk factor

3: Legal framework

4: road traffic system & Crossings

5: Basic Rules & right of way

6: Traffic signs

7: Participants in road traffic

8: Speed & distance

9: Traffic monitoring & maneuvers

10: Resting traffic

11: Behavior in special situations

12: Safety through further learning

13: Technology (B1)

14: Vehicle control and trailer (B2)

Do not under estimate that you will pass out the theory test with only with the class room lesson, it is necessary to put some additional effort in learning the traffic rules & regulation prior to give the theory test. Some school offer exam simulation and theory exercises in the school, in other cases they charge you around 50€ & can do the training exercise online over internet. You can also learn for free or purchase on your own online.

More external links:

Practical course & test:  

Before the practical test, you must first pass the theoretical exam and pass, otherwise you may not participate in the practical exam. The driving instructor teaches you how to use the vehicle in practical lessons and trains you in the practice rides. The practical course covers a minimum legally prescribed special drives up to the exam.

For classes B and A the following special driving classes are required:

– 5 hours @ 45 minutes on Federal Highway or State Road

– 4 hours @ 45 minutes on Autobahn or highway

– 3 hours @ 45 minutes at dusk or darkness

The total no of driving hours you need depends in particular on your personal abilities, motivation and ability to concentrate.

You can take the practical test at the earliest one month before reaching the minimum age (16 year class AM and A1 / 18 years class A and B / 17 years with class B from 17).

A driving examiner from an officially authorized agencies will assess your driving skills during your practical test. In most of the region it is administrated by TüV (Technische Überwachungsverein). Usually the duration of the practical test trip is between 30 and 60 minutes, includes vehicle handling & parking as well. The examiner will instruct you on the route you need to drive, should not take turns or change route on your own. You do not have to drive absolutely perfectly, but should drive safely through the road traffic even in difficult situations. Small mistakes are quite human, but too many & major mistakes will lead to failure of test. Besides, your familiar driving instructor is sitting next to you, who also gives you the necessary feeling of security.  Driving school also offer a practice drive before the actual test & helps to pass your driving license at the first time.

The examiner will hand over the results on the spot once you complete the practical. After the successful practical examination, you will be given the driving license by the examiner itself.

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