Hungarian Passport

Hungarian passport online is issued to Hungarian citizens for international travel



Hungarian passport is issued to Hungarian citizens for international travel by The Central Data Processing, Registration and Election Office. 

Regular Hungarian EU passports are burgundy red in colour (before a navy blue color was in use), with the Hungarian coat of arms emblazoned in the center of the front cover. The words “útlevél” (passport, or more literally, Roadletter) inscribed below the coat of arms and “Európai Unió” (European Union), “Magyarország” (Hungary) above. The new biometric Hungarian passport has the standard biometric symbol at the bottom. 

The visa pages have musical notes of the Szózat visible in UV light. The identity information page contains the title and the first eight lines of the National Anthem in the author’s handwriting embossed


How do I prove my identity and my Hungarian Passport?

If you have a valid passport, or a valid Hungarian ID card and Hungarian Drivers License, these prove both. If you have a Hungary passport and it expires within one year or a valid certificate of citizenship these only prove your citizenship, therefore, in addition, you shall prove your identity by presenting valid foreign photo identification (e.g. a US passport or Driver’s license).

Can you differentiate between a Real and Fake Passport?


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